We have carefully selected each of our products for their consistency and quality. Each product we receive is third-party lab tested to verify its cannabinoid potency, THC levels, and more before joining our ever-increasing list of products.

Our process is simple: if a product doesn’t test with equal or more cannabinoids than advertised, we absolutely will not carry it. We also do not carry products if they contain more than the legal amount of THC.

We aim to offer the best and most extensive collection of hemp products. At CBD FOR SALE ONLINE STORE, you can be confident you’re choosing from the best products in the industry.

CBD FOR SALE ONLINE STORE is a small, Vallejo-based team and your trusted source of all things hemp. Founded in 2013, CBD FOR SALE ONLINE STORE is dedicated to providing you with quality products and the education you need to make informed choices.

CBD FOR SALE ONLINE STORE started after a life-changing experience with hemp oil. Since then, we made it his mission to help others improve their well-being through CBD hemp oil supplements. The HIGHWAY 29 HEALTHCARE team shares passion for hemp and helping others with their wellness goals.

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